Downtown Gettysburg: Best Places To Eat, Drink & Stay

A trip to the Gettysburg Battlefield is not complete without exploring historic downtown Gettysburg, PA.

After all, it’s part of the battlefield too. Fighting took place on the streets and the wounded were treated in every church, house and barn that could take them in.

Downtown Gettysburg offers a diverse array of restaurants, bars, unique shops and one-of-a-kind unique places to stay for every taste, so don’t plan your visit without reading this guide to downtown Gettysburg from a life-long resident.

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Streetscape in downtown Gettysburg, showing a row of storefronts on Chambersburg Street. There is a red building, a tan building, a gold building and a white building.
Downtown Gettysburg has many unique shops and restaurants surrounding Lincoln Square.

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Lots Of Options in Downtown Gettysburg

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is known for its rich history, its charming small town atmosphere, and its hospitality. There’s something about strolling down brick-paved sidewalks that transports you to another time.

Because Gettysburg is so walkable, I’m including some businesses that are located on Steinwehr Avenue and Baltimore Street on this list.

The distance between downtown Gettysburg and the more touristy district of Steinwher Avenue is a little more than a mile.

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If you’re like me and like to park the car and walk instead of searching for a parking space, you can stay in a hotel on Steinwehr Avenue and walk to the downtown area.

Likewise, you can stay in downtown Gettysburg and walk to the restaurants and shops on Steinwehr Avenue.

Either way, walking is probably easier than finding parking.

Metered street parking is available in downtown Gettysburg, but sometimes hard to come by. There is a parking deck at 74 East Racehorse Alley behind the Gettysburg Hotel, which sits on the northeast side of Lincoln Square.

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Downtown Gettysburg Restaurants

Whether you’re craving a simple ice cream cone, a slice of pizza or a romantic candlelight dinner, downtown Gettysburg has something for you.

Here are a few of the options you have to grab a bite to eat in downtown Gettysburg. You can also check out my list of historic restaurants in Gettysburg, some of which are in town.

Pro Tip: You can go on a downtown Foodie Tour to get a taste of Gettysburg!

American Fare In Downtown Gettysburg

One Lincoln: 1 Lincoln Square, Gettysburg.  Variety of fresh salads, sandwiches and entrees.

The Pub: 20-22 Lincoln Square. Wonderful place to sit and people-watch. Great menu. Nice bar area if you just want to grab a quick bite.

Grab A Sandwich

Lincoln Diner: 32 Carlisle St., Gettysburg, Pa. Open 24 hours. Everyone goes here. (Great desserts)!

Gettysburg Baking Company: 17 Lincoln Square. Homemade bread, desserts and yummy sandwiches. Mostly to go. Only a few tables.

Hunt’s Battlefield Fries: 61 Steinwehr Avenue, Gettysburg. A local and visitor favorite for a quick bite to eat.

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Antica Napoli: 39 N. Washington St. This is a hidden little gem tucked in between a laundromat and flower shop. Turn north one block west of the square. Turn into parking lot BEFORE railroad tracks to back of building.

Mama Ventura’s: 13 Chambersburg St. Nice sit down Italian food and pizza. Bar down below.

Wings and Sandwiches

Blue and Gray Bar and Grill: 2 Baltimore St., Gettysburg. Large bar, varied menu. Great wings and sandwiches.

The Gettysburger Company: 35 Chambersburg St., Gettysburg. Hand-pressed pure beef burgers. (They’re big)!

Bit of Irish

Garryowen Irish Pub: 126 Chambersburg St., Gettsyburg

O’Rorke’s Eatery & Spirits: 44 Steinwehr Avenue, Gettysburg. Not in downtown, but close to everything in the tourist district. A favorite among reenactors. Outdoor seating in the summer.

Chinese Food In Downtown Gettysburg

ChinaTown Kitchen: 25 York St., Gettysburg. Well-liked by locals. Long-time establishment. Only a few tables so plan to takeout.

Historic Restaurants

The Dobbin House: 89 Steinwehr Avenue. One of the oldest buildings in Gettysburg and used as a Civil War hospital. Fine dining restaurant and a tavern that is a local favorite.

The Farnsworth House: 401 Baltimore St., Gettysburg. Fine dining as well as a tavern and a beer garden. Lovely spot between the downtown area and tourist district.

Ice Cream

Mr. G’s Icecream: 44 Baltimore St., Gettysburg. A favorite both locals and out-of-towners.

Pro Tip: If you go to Mr. G’s, make sure you check one of the witness trees that was standing during the Battle of Gettysburg.

Downtown Gettysburg Bars on Lincoln Square

The restaurants listed above that are right on the square and have bars include:

The Pub: 20 Lincoln Square, Gettysburg.

Blue and Gray: 2 Baltimore St., Gettysburg.

One Lincoln: One Lincoln Square, Gettysburg.

Ploughman Cider Taproom: 16 Lincoln Square, Gettysburg.

There are lots of other bars on the streets surrounding the square and on Steinwehr Avenue. A local favorite is the famous “mine bar.

Downtown Gettysburg Shops

There are plenty of places to choose from if you’re thinking about a downtown Gettysburg shopping excursion. These are just a few of the Gettysburg stores you can find within a block of Lincoln Square.

Lark Gifts: 17 Lincoln Square. One of the most popular gift shops in Gettysburg, with a wide variety of home decor, soaps, jewelry, and even candy. Fun shopping experience in downtown Gettysburg!

The Antique Center of Gettysburg: 30 Baltimore St., Gettysburg. Like a museum even if you’re not in the market for anything.

Union Cigar Shop: 5 Baltimore St., Gettysburg.

Sweet (Candy Shop): 100 Baltimore St., Gettysburg.

Gallery 30: 30 Chambersburg St., Gettysburg. Lots of handcrafted American goods.

Adams County Winery: 17 Lincoln Square. Wine made in Adams County, Pa.

Dirty Billy’s Hats: 20 Baltimore St., Gettysburg. Unique handmade hats properly fitted.

The Christmas Haus: 13 Baltimore St., Gettysburg. It’s Christmas all year here.

A&A Village Treasures: 53 Chambersburg St., Gettysburg. Variety of gifts and clothing.

Pro Tip: If you enjoy small town shopping, you should check out Middleburg, VA., about 90 minutes away.

Other Shopping in Gettysburg

Within one block in each direction of the square there are other Gettysburg stores, including a shoe store, numerous women’s clothing boutiques, handmade soap and a variety of other shops and businesses.

Shopping Near Downtown Gettysburg

If Outlet Malls are more your style, Gettysburg has you covered there too. The Outlet Shoppes are located less than three miles south of downtown Gettysburg on Baltimore Street/Route 97.

There are also many historical sites that you might walk by without noticing. They are hidden in plain sight, but worth taking a look.

Downtown Gettysburg Hotels

Gettysburg Hotel: 1 Lincoln Square, Gettysburg. Iconic hotel on the square. Walk to everything. Haunted.

1863 Inn of Gettysburg: 516 Baltimore St., Gettysburg, Pa. Close to everything, midway between tourist district and downtown Gettysburg.

The Federal Pointe Inn: 75 Springs Avenue, Gettysburg, Pa. Close to a shopping center. Has a small bar and restaurant. Historic building that was once a school.

Inn At Cemetery Hill: 613 Baltimore St., Gettysburg. Located in the heart of the tourist district and .6 miles from downtown Gettysburg.

Of course there aren’t just hotels in downtown Gettysburg. You can also find a wide variety of Bed and Breakfast Inns that provide both history and hospitality. In fact, The Gettysburg Academy B&B is one of the town’s oldest buildings, and is just two blocks from downtown Gettysburg.

If you’re up to sharing a bedroom with ghosts, Gettysburg offers plenty of haunted hotels and haunted B&B’s.

Lastly, you can check out the VRBO site to find the perfect vacation vacation rental by owner.

If you want to head outside of town, you can book a room at the Cashtown Inn.

FAQ’s About Gettysburg

What Happened in Gettysburg?

On July 1, 2 and 3 a major Civil War battle was fought in Gettysburg, resulting in more than 50,000 casualties.

Is Gettysburg Walkable?

Yes. Gettysburg is very walkable. From the downtown area to the tourist district on Steinwehr Avenue is only about a mile.

Is Gettysburg Walkable At Night?

As a local, I would feel safe walking in Gettysburg at night. Like anywhere else though, you should always be aware of your surroundings.

Is Gettysburg dog friendly?

Many of the businesses in downtown Gettysburg are dog friendly, as are many of the hotels.

Looking for a hotel in Gettysburg with a pool?

Wrap-Up Of Things To Do In Downtown Gettysburg

Gettysburg has a bustling downtown with plenty of options for dining, shopping, and entertainment, including lots of museums and tours.

Restaurants offer a wide range of cuisines, from bar grub to fine dining. The shopping scene is equally diverse, with a mix of boutiques, souvenir shops and stores that sell hats, shoes and even cigars.

For those looking to unwind after a busy day, there are plenty of bars and historic taverns to choose from. And for those who need a place to stay, there are several hotels, ranging from budget-friendly options to luxurious accommodations.

You can also find campgrounds near the Battlefield that offer everything from tent camping, to RV hookups and cabins.

Whether you’re in town for business or pleasure, or want to explore history or just relax, downtown Gettysburg offers something for everyone.

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