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I am Jessica James, an award-winning historical fiction author who loves exploring the back roads of this great country and discovering off-the-beaten-path historic sites.

Although there are many travel blogs that provide information on historical destinations, I try to seek out the ones that are lesser known — but no less important to our nation’s heritage.

Take a look around. You never know what you’ll find in the past lane.

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View from Little Round Top at sunset, one of the most romantic things to do in Gettysburg PA

Historic Sites

pon pon burnt church sc

Churches & Cemeteries

Equestrian monument on the gettysburg battlefield


The main house at Boone Hall Plantation is unlike most other Southern plantation houses.

Old Houses & Plantations

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Museums & Old Stores

gettysburg battlefield

Forts & Battlefields

People Davy Crockett


Old trees


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The history of Nottoway Plantation is steeped in Southern culture and heritage.antation