20,000 Acres Of Blossoms Near This Historic Small Town Is A Spring Spectacle Worth Seeing

Best Gettysburg Fruit Blossom Views: A Local’s 2024 Guide

If you’re looking for the most stunning Gettysburg fruit blossom views, I have you covered. I grew up in “apple country,” less than 8 miles north of Gettysburg, and know all of the back roads to the most spectacular vistas.

A trip to the Gettysburg battlefield in late March or April is not complete without a short trip to the surrounding farmland and countryside. It makes a special destination for those seeking to witness a Springtime spectacle that only Mother Nature can pull off.

Don’t miss this free show of vibrant colors and amazing vistas that will take your breath away.

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Don’t want to read until the end? The most spectacular fruit blossom views can be found 8 miles north of Gettysburg on the top of Yellow Hill. The Yellow Hill Road can be accessed from Route 234 or Route 34.

A closeup of an apple blossom showing a delicate white flower surrounded by pink buds.

Pro Tip: Want to see the battlefield after taking in the fruit blossom views? I recommend the 2-hour bus tour for a quick overview of the battlefield and explanation of the Battle of Gettysburg.

A Fruit Blossom Spectacle

Why visit the cherry blossoms in Washington DC, when you can see 20,000 acres of colorful fruit blossoms in northern and western Adams County?

You can skip the frantic fast-paced trip into the city, and instead spend it meandering down winding country roads that look like something from a fairytale.

Springtime transforms the landscape of this area just outside of Gettysburg into a vivid tapestry of colorful blossoms that is one of the area’s best kept secrets.

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Gettysburg is the county seat of Adams County, PA, which is the number one producer of apples in Pennsylvania. Orchards cover tens of thousands of acres in the county, creating a springtime spectacle of color across the rolling hills.

But the orchards of Adams County aren’t just apples. Cherry, peach, pear and plums, each have their own distinctive color and bloom at different times, providing a spectacle that lasts a few weeks.

White blossoms in the foreground and vibrant pink blossoms in the background are some of the Gettysburg fruit blossom views.

As you drive, you will discover a rich sea of pink and white, that creates a stunning backdrop.

Go off the beaten path and explore the stunning vistas just 10 minutes from Gettysburg!

Closeup of pink fruit blossoms outside of Gettysburg PA

When Are The Best Gettysburg Fruit Blossom Views?

Of course, timing is everything and figuring out when you will see the best blossom views depends a great deal on the weather.

Although it varies each year, the first signs of bursting buds begins in late March and the carnival of color continues a few weeks in April. Each variety of fruit trees (cherry, apple, peach, plum, apricot) follows its own unique blooming cycle.

Cherry trees are some of the earliest to bloom, but they are followed up by the delicate pinks of peach blossoms and culminate with cottony whites of apple blossoms, providing a few weeks of great viewing opportunities.

The best Gettysburg fruit blossom view is from the top of Yellow Hill. A fruit tree is on the right and the background is a vista of far away mountains.
The view from the top of Yellow Hill isn’t just about the fruit blossom. You’re on top of the world.

5 Stunning Gettysburg Fruit Blossom Views

  1. Yellow Hill: This is a true hidden gem that most people don’t know about and it’s my favorite place for spectacular fruit blossom views. To get to Yellow Hill, you can drive straight through Biglerville on Route 34 and take a left onto the Yellow Hill Road. You can also get to the Yellow Hill Road by taking a left at the Biglerville square onto Route 234, and then taking a right onto Yellow Hill Road.
  2. Orchard Lane: If you miss the turnoff for Yellow Hill Road on Route 34, you can continue another half mile to the appropriately named Orchard Lane, which will be on your right.
  3. Quaker Valley Road: This is another option from Route 34. It will be on your left, past Yellow Hill Road.
  4. Buchanan Valley Road: If you want everyone in your car to ooh and aah, take Route 30 west out of Gettysburg for 12 miles, then turn right onto Buchanan Valley Road (Route 234). This countryside drive takes you through acres of orchards and into the quaint small town of Arendtsville, PA.
  5. If you want to see Gettysburg fruit blossom views, then the Gettysburg National Military Park Peach Orchard and the Gettysburg National Cemetery are must-sees. Both offer beautiful backdrops for photos.
One of the many stunning Gettysburg fruit blossom views looking between the branches at more white flowers in the background. The sky is brilliant blue.

How Many Pounds Of Apples Does Pennsylvania Produce?

Pennsylvania produces between 400 and 500 million pounds of apples per year.

Quick Route For Gettysburg Fruit Blossom Views

If someone asked me for a quick route to see some great Gettysburg fruit blossom views, here’s the one I would give. It can be done in less than an hour (round trip) from Gettysburg:

Take Carlisle Street out of Gettysburg (Route 34) to Biglerville. Turn left at the second traffic signal and turn right onto University Drive (if you miss this turn you can continue to your next right which is Yellow Hill Road). Wind around on University Drive and then turn Right onto Yellow Hill Road. This winding road will climb up a hill and offers spectacular views. At the stop sign at the end of the road turn right and head back into Gettysburg.

(You will pass Hollabaugh Brothers and Sandoe’s fruit markets on your way back. See below).

Pro Tip: If you have time, you can stop at the National Apple Museum while you’re in Biglerville. Instead of taking a left at the second light, take a left at the first light and go three blocks.

Also, if you want to take a longer scenic drive that includes Yellow Hill, I highly recommend that you take Route 30 west and turn right about 12 miles outside of town onto Buchanan Valley Road (Route 234) (as mentioned above).

The views are stupendous and you will pass the Historic Round Barn and Thirsty Farmer Brew Works, as well as the turn-off to Boyers Cellars and Nursery. (See more details below).

You will also pass Yellow Hill Road on your left and can follow that to the end and then turn right to head back to Gettysburg. It’s less than 15-minute drive from there back to Gettysburg.

The National Apple Museum is a red barn with painted words on the side that say National Apple Museum.

Other Important Adams County Agricultural Sites

  1. National Apple Museum: Learn about the history of the apple and fruit tree industry in Adams County in a pre-Civil War barn. Gift shop. 154 W. Hanover St. Biglerville PA
  2. Sandoes Fruit Market: Fresh locally grown produce where many locals go. 304 Carlisle Road, Biglerville PA
  3. Hollabaugh Bros. Fruit Farm & Market: Orchards surround this farm market that includes an in-house scratch bakery. Stop by for an Apple Cider Donut! 545 Carlisle Road, Biglerville PA
  4. Silvershire Farm Horse Carriage and Wagon Rides: What better way to see blossoms than from a leisurely ride in a horse carriage! 210 Clearview Road, Aspers PA
  5. Boyer Cellars and Boyer Nurseries: Massive nursery and premiere wine and hard cider tasting room. 405 Boyer Nursery Road, Biglerville PA
  6. Historic Round Barn: History at its best, with wonderful views of orchards. Plus, it’s a shopping experience! 298 Cashtown Road, Biglerville PA
  7. Thirsty Farmer Brew Works: Convenient place stop for a drink or a sandwich, located across the road from the Round Barn. Craft brews and cider and miles of orchards. 290 Cashtown Road, Biglerville PA

There are lots of orchards, farms and markets in Adams County, so no matter what time of year you visit, there is always something to see.

Check out this Adams County Blossom Belt map!

The historic Round Barn is a two story round barn with gray roof. There is a sign in front that says Round Barn.

Why Are There So Many Orchards Near Gettysburg?

Many people don’t realize how fertile the rolling hills and farmland surrounding Gettysburg are. The landscape becomes even more hilly to the north, and is extremely fertile to the west where South Mountain stands as the northern terminus of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

This terrain provides the perfect microclimate and provides fertile well-drained soils to support both fruit trees and vineyards, which are also growing in popularity in the region.

A closeup of white flowers on a fruit tree in a orchard near Gettysburg.

The Blossom Experience in Adams County

If you’re visiting Gettysburg to tour the battlefield or visit one of the many museums, a short trip to orchard country will reward you with spectacular fruit blossom views that will make your trip even more memorable.

There are plenty of hotels in Gettysburg, but you can also find Bed and Breakfasts as well as other unique places to stay outside of town, some of which will take you through the fruit blossom belt.

If your visit to Gettysburg doesn’t line up with the fruit blossoms in full bloom, you can find plenty of other free activities and events at all times of the year.

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