A blue building that says Gettysburg Regional Aiport, with small planes in the background.

Airports Near Gettysburg PA: Complete Guide From A Local

There are five Large Airports Near Gettysburg PA

Planning a trip and want to find the best airports near Gettysburg PA?

Even though the historic town is located in a very rural area, there are still a number of major airports close to Gettysburg, as well as variety of small, regional ones.

As a local resident, I have flown in or out of all of them, so I know the pros and cons.

Here’s your complete guide to finding all of the airports near Gettysburg PA, to help you make your decision on scheduling a flight.

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The John Reynolds statue in Gettysburg at sunset, showing Reynolds on horseback with a  mixture of blue and gold clouds on the horizon.
Gettysburg is located in a rural part of south central Pennsylvania.

Where Is Gettysburg Located?

Gettysburg is located in south central Pennsylvania, less than 10 miles above the Mason-Dixon line.

Steeped in the legacy of the American Civil War, this historic destination draws visitors from near and far to explore its hallowed battlefields and experience its rich historical offerings.

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A large part of Gettysburg’s charm lies in its idyllic rural setting of rolling hills and vast farmlands, which makes getting in or out a bit of a challenge.

In this guide to the airports near Gettysburg, I start with the smallest and end with the international, major airports close to Gettysburg.

Pro Tip: Even though the Philadelphia Airport is in Pennsylvania, it is significantly farther away from Gettysburg than the Washington and Baltimore area airports.

Gettysburg Regional Airport

Since I’m from a family aviators (including an Air Force officer father), I spent a good bit of time at the Gettysburg Regional Airport — but you won’t find a flight in or out of here.

Located at 1130 Chambersburg Road, it is used by local pilots and anyone who has their own small plane or small The runway is only 3,100 feet long and 60 feet wide. The airport first opened in 1926, and was formerly called the Doersom Airport.

A white sign with blue lettering that says Gettysburg Regional Airport, with cloudy skies above.

It is now owned by the Susquehanna Area Regional Airport Authority.

The Gettysburg Airport has a partial taxiway on either side of the runway that provides access to a hangar area and fuel farm. There are four hangar units, that comprise 18,682 square feet of hangar space.

Four small planes are parked beside a runway at the closest airport to Gettysburg.

Hagerstown Regional Airport

Of all the airports near Gettysburg, my favorite one is Hagerstown Regional Airport. It’s about 35 miles if you take major roads, and less if you zig-zag across country roads, which is why I like it so much.

Driving to this Gettysburg-area airport is a nice scenic trip without the hassle of fighting traffic that all of the international airports near Gettysburg require.

Guess what else? Parking is FREE and so is the wi-fi. They also have an on-site rental car service.

Parking at the Hagerstown Airport is more like parking at a mall than at an airport. Their farthest parking spot from the passenger terminal is closer than most short-term parking spot at larger airports.

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The only problem with using Hagerstown is that only two airlines fly out of this airport near Gettysburg: Allegiant (direct flights to and from Florida) and Southern Airways (flights to Dulles and Pittsburgh International).

They also only fly certain days of the week, but the low stress level of using Hagerstown sometimes makes it worth re-working your schedule.

What International Airports Are Near Gettysburg?

There are five international airports near Gettysburg, but they are all at least an hour away, with very unpredictable traffic tie-ups. Harrisburg International is the closest airport to Gettysburg (about an hour), with Dulles and Baltimore-Washington both being under two hours.

Reagan in Washington DC takes a little longer to get to (my least favorite airport), and Philadelphia is about three hours away.

A graphic for the Book called Gettysburg Handbook, which has a blue cover with a horse monument.

Closest Major Airports To Gettysburg

Harrisburg International Airport

The closest and most convenient major airport to Gettysburg is Harrisburg International Airport (HIA), which is about a 45-minute drive.

A picture showing the walkway with the words Harrisburg International Airport, which is one of the airports near Gettysburg and the largest airport close to Gettysburg.
The Harrisburg International Airport is one of the airports near Gettysburg and the largest airport close by.

Harrisburg is the third largest airport in Pennsylvania and features daily non-stop flights to seventeen cities and one-stop flights to destinations around the world.

It is a nice airport with lots of conveniences, but ticket prices are usually a little higher.

When weighing the headache of driving 90 minutes through DC traffic from the large airports near Gettysburg, the price is usually worth it.

HIA offers a convenient cost tool that can help you decide.

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Airlines that fly out of Harrisburg include Allegiant, American, Delta, United and Frontier.

Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI)

The next airport near Gettysburg that I frequently fly from is Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

It’s not too hard to get to from Gettysburg, but the traffic, especially during rush hour, can be very unpredictable, so you have to leave plenty of time.

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

Ronald Reagan Washington Airport is my absolute least favorite of the airports near Gettysburg. It is a little farther away and is somewhat difficult to find and to get out of.

The Washington DC Metro does run to the airport though, which makes it convenient for those who are in DC.

Regan Airport is a hub for American Airlines, and you can find lots of non-stop flights from this airport.

Dulles International Airport

I don’t fly out of Dulles very often, but the drive to this major airport near Gettysburg is a little less nerve-wracking than to Reagan in DC.

It takes you through some scenic northern Virginia countryside if you have the time to enjoy the views.

Philadelphia International

I’ve never flown out of Philadelphia because it’s about a three-hour drive. It is served by 22 airlines that offer nearly 500 daily departures, so it might be the right airport for some.

Distance Of Major Airports From Gettysburg

  • Harrisburg International Airport: 36 miles
  • Baltimore-Washington International Airport: 55 miles
  • Reagan Airport: 78 miles
  • Dulles Airport: 78 miles
  • Philadelphia: 118 miles


What Airlines Fly To Gettysburg PA?

No airlines fly directly to Gettysburg because it only has a small, regional airport. Harrisburg International Airport, about 36 miles away, is the closest major airport.

Wrap-Up Of Airports Near Gettysburg PA

Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a leisure traveler, or someone simply seeking a getaway in a serene destination, I hope this gives you an idea about the airports near Gettysburg for you trip.

Depending on what you want to see on your trip, you can spend a day in the city you fly into, because there are plenty of historical sites in Harrisburg, DC, Baltimore and Philadelphia as well.

No matter where you’re coming from, I’m sure you’ll find the rural atmosphere and the peaceful small town of Gettysburg, a welcome respite while exploring its rich history.

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