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Where is Gettysburg located? An Incredible Town Worth Finding

When I tell people I’m from Gettysburg, they always recognize the name, but then ask, “Where is Gettysburg located?”

If you’re wondering where the historic town of Gettysburg is located too, don’t worry, as a lifelong resident, I have you covered.

Here’s everything you need to know about where the Battle of Gettysburg took place and where this incredible small town is located.

If you don’t want to read the entire post: Gettysburg is located in southcentral Pennsylvania just above the Maryland line. Scroll down for a chart of distances to major cities.

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A cannon is in the foreground and a horse statue in the background of this photo that helps answer the question where is gettysburg located?

Where Is Gettysburg PA Located, Anyway?

I honestly get asked this question a lot!

Everyone recognizes the name and then they look at me with a blank stare and say, Where is Gettysburg located, anyway?

Well, let me help you out with that.

The small town of Gettysburg is located in south central Pennsylvania, about 10 miles north of the Mason-Dixon Line with Maryland.

To get a more precise idea of where Gettysburg is located, it’s about 25 miles west of York, PA and 35 miles north of Frederick, Md.

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If you know where Harrisburg PA is, (the capital of Pennsylvania), Gettysburg is located less than 40 miles southwest of that city.

The major highways that connect Gettysburg to the area include Interstate 15 (north/south) and U.S. Route 30 (east/west).

There are several regional airports in close proximity, providing air travel options for those coming from farther distances.

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Where Was The Battle Of Gettysburg?

People who ask, “Where is Gettysburg,” also want to know how the town’s geographical location contributed to its historical significance.

The town’s proximity to the Mason-Dixon Line, which historically marked the boundary between the northern and southern states, played a crucial role during the Civil War.

As a result, Gettysburg became the site of a significant battle in July 1863, as Confederate and Union forces clashed in a three-day conflict that would put Gettysburg on the map despite its small size and rural location.

The battle was a significant turning point in the Civil War as it ended General Lee’s invasion and forced the Confederate army to retreat back to the South. It is considered a major victory for the Union, boosting morale and sprits.

Because of where Gettysburg is located today, visitors can explore the town’s rich history and also easily access nearby cities and attractions.

How Far Is Gettysburg From Washington DC and Baltimore?

If you’re wondering, where is Gettysburg located in relation to Washington and DC, the answer is that they are conveniently close.

The historic town of Gettysburg is only about 60 miles from Baltimore, MD. and 85 miles from Washington DC.

Depending on traffic, the drive to or from Baltimore is about 90 minutes and the DC trip takes between an 1.5 to two hours.

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How Far Is Gettysburg From Philadelphia and Pittsburgh?

Even though Philadelphia and Pittsburg are in Pennsylvania, Gettysburg is located farther away from these two cities than DC or Baltimore.

Located almost right in the middle of the state, Gettysburg is about 140 miles from Philadelphia and 185 from Pittsburgh, taking 2.5 hours to get to Philadelphia and 3.5 to Pittsburgh.

Distances To Gettysburg From Major Cities

CityDistance (miles)Travel Time (Miles)
Washington DC2101.5

What Is The Weather Like In Gettysburg PA?

Besides getting asked the question, where is Gettysburg located, I also get asked about the weather.

People are often surprised to hear that Gettysburg’s climate is comprised of hot, humid summers and cool (I would say, COLD) winters.

A light snow covers the ground, with a cannon and monument on the foreground under a blue sky. People who ask where is gettysburg, also want to know the weather in gettysburg.

July is the warmest month, with an average temperature of 74.4 degrees and June is typically the wettest month.

On average, January is the coldest month, with an average temperature of 29.8 degrees.

While you might find the battlefield covered in snow, winter can still be a wonderful time to visit, because the crowds are thinner.

If you want more information, check out the best time to visit Gettysburg.

A cannon on green grass under a cloudy sky helps tell answer the question about where is gettysburg located.

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Wrap-Up Of Where Is Gettysburg Located

So, hopefully now you know where Gettysburg is located.

To recap, Gettysburg is a small town located in southcentral Pennsylvania, but more importantly, it’s a place where history intersects with natural beauty and scenic agricultural areas.

Gettysburg is a destination that gives visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the stories of the Civil War and appreciate the enduring legacy of the Battle of Gettysburg.

The town features a wide variety of museums that focus on different historical eras (including WWII), and it’s a great place to spend a romantic weekend.

Additionally, downtown Gettysburg offers a great selection of restaurants, hotels and shopping opportunities.

This famous small town was also the filming site for a holiday movie called A Gettysburg Christmas.

Of course, many people want to visit Gettysburg for the wide array of ghost tours.

No matter what your reason for visiting, there is plenty to see and do in Gettysburg (including some free things).

And now… hopefully you will no longer have to ask: Where is Gettysburg located?

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