Tripello Travel Booking: A Promising New Site for 2024

I’m excited to share a new subscription-based travel booking website called Tripello that has been years in the making.

I met the owners at a travel conference last year when they were in the final stages of preparing their launch. Like any new business, they had a few hiccups to overcome, but the website is now up and running.

Whether you travel multiple times per year, or you only do one major trip, the Tripello travel booking site is designed to help save you money AND remove many of the headaches of planning a trip.

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What Is Tripello?

Tripello is a Nevada-based startup company that uses advanced technology to connect travelers with wholesale/net inventory prices on hotels, resorts and vacation rental bookings.

What does THAT mean?

It means you save up to 65 percent or more on your hotel room!

CEO and founder Sven Thiess and his wife Renee understand that financial constraints can prevent people from traveling. They made it their mission to make travel more affordable.

“We provide access to discounted prices,” Thiess said. “You pay what we pay. That is our promise to you.”

Ready to give Tripello a try? Just type in your destination and find a deal!

How They Do It

Tripello’s technology allows them to search thousands of wholesale contracts. This happens live, in real time, every time you execute a search.

Because they don’t use a database like other travel booking sites, they can offer the highest discounts possible at that moment because they are cutting out all of the middlemen.

They also strip all commissions, mark-ups and booking fees to give members fair, discounted prices that are not available to the public.

That is the reason they can only make their offers available as a subscription service and use a closed user group with no public access.

Why Was Tripello Created?

Sven and Renee were tired of seeing websites that made travel planning difficult, as well as those sites that outright misled people into a booking a room that wasn’t what it appeared. (I’ve been one of those misled people).

With a background in computer programming, Sven created a new platform that eliminates those things. Tripello has no buying pressure, up-sales, advertisements, booking fees, commissions, markups or sales gimmicks.

It is also an uncomplicated and user-friendly website. (Really!)

Start Planning Your Dream Vacation With A Premium Membership!

What You Need To Know

Because the Tripello travel booking site is searching thousands of wholesale contracts in real time, it takes a little longer than the sites that just work from a database.

AND, because it is working in real time, the price you see may not be available the next day or even the next hour.

(When you do go to book, the website checks THREE times to make sure that room is available for that price so you know you’re getting the best deal)

What Sets Tripello Travel Booking Apart

The Tripello travel booking site isn’t like other hotel booking or travel sites. It facilitates direct bookingsNOT reservations (except for Rental Cars), so your searches always show you the biggest savings first.

This means, to get the most out of Tripello, you should be in the mindset of looking for the best deal—not necessarily a specific hotel. The goal of Tripello is to get you the most value for your money, so if a specific hotel doesn’t have a good price, you won’t see it listed.

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The Best Part About Tripello

For those who shy away from subscription-based services, Tripello offers a Freemium subscription so you can explore the site and still get a deal on a hotel room.

BUT do the math.

The subscription service offers larger savings, so even if you only travel once a year, you can join with a premium membership, book a room, save a few hundred dollars and then cancel your subscription.  You will still have full access to the platform until your subscription duration ends, and then you will just be downgraded to the Freemium membership.

The owners do not care how many times you subscribe and unsubscribe, and they make it easy to do so.  Subscriptions are not refundable, but you can easily turn off the auto renew feature in your profile.

In addition to showing you hotel deals, Tripello also offers deals on global flights and rental flights for those who opt into the paid subscription.

Other services, such as vacation home rentals, are also planned.

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The Details Of Tripello’s Subscription Service

Tripello offers Freemium, Premium and Premium Plus Membership, and gives you the opportunity to choose from more than 1.5 million hotels and resorts.

You also have access to rental cars from all over the world with a subscription.

And, based on your membership level, you have the ability to book flights with all international carriers and more than 140 low cost carriers.

The savings are up to 65 percent and sometimes even more.

Breakdown Of Prices

Freemium is absolutely free. 

The next tier is Premium: $32.50/month for 6 months ($195.00)

And they offer a Premium Plus: $24.95/month for 12 months ($299.40)

Take a look at the site and you can see that your savings can be substantially more than the subscription price, even if you only book one trip.

What I Like About Tripello

✔️  It’s an American-based company that was started from scratch by two people who have a passion for travel. (They have a great love story that you can read about on their website).

✔️  The website is easy to understand and navigate.

✔️ You save money!

Advertisement for Tripello, a travel booking service. Dark green color with white lettering.

Planning A Trip?

You might want to give Tripello a try.

A notable advantage of Tripello is its ownership by a passionate husband and wife team deeply devoted to travel. This translates into a website designed with a genuine traveler’s perspective and care.

Most importantly, they want people to enjoy travel—starting with the planning and booking phase.

Since the platform is infused with their passion and understanding of the industry, I think it results in a more authentic and traveler-centric experience.

And anything that makes travel easier (and less expensive) is worth a try to me.

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