9 Best Gettysburg Ghost Tours in 2024: A Local’s Guide

Welcome to a Local’s Guide to the Drop-Dead Best Gettysburg Ghost Tours for 2024! If you’re looking for the best ghost tours in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, ghost walks, ghost investigations, or paranormal activity in Gettysburg, you’ve come to the right place!

Considered the “most haunted town in the USA,” Gettysburg is a bucket list destination for every serious ghost hunter!

This spooky list (from a lifelong Gettysburg resident) is packed with frightening and entertaining Civil War ghost walks, ghost hunts, and ghost tours in haunted Gettysburg, Pa.

If you’d prefer to just visit some of these sites on your own without a tour guide then you need to check out the most haunted places in Gettysburg. 👻

But if you’re ready for a scary journey back in time and are looking for a ghost tour in Gettysburg PA, then take a look and book an adventure that might just be out of this world!

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👀 Don’t want to read the whole post? Here are my picks: 👻

Family-Friendly Gettysburg Ghost Tour (Families with kids)
and After Dark Investigations (Hardcore ghost hunters)

Graphic showing General Warren on Little Round Top with the words, Gettysburg the most haunted town in the USA.

Need A Haunted Place To Stay In Gettysburg? For Ghost Hunters, I recommend:

The Farnsworth House: It’s haunted and in the heart of the tourist district.
The Gettysburg Hotel: Historic Hotel in downtown Gettysburg (Haunted).
Battlefield Bed & Breakfast: Used as a field hospital. Yikes.

Or you can rent a house right on the Battlefield! What could be spookier!

Top Haunted Gettysburg Ghost Tours And Hunts

Gettysburg ghost tours take place all year long (including the summer) and at all times of the day (and night), so you are sure to find one that fits your schedule.

Don’t forget that during the Battle of Gettysburg anniversary in July (1, 2 and3)and Remembrance Day weekend in November (weekend nearest Nov. 19), there are more visitors in Gettysburg than usual (including paranormal visitors). Book your tour early!

A graphic about the Gettysburg Handbook and Insiders Travel Guide, a book with a blue cover and horse monument.

Pro Tip: While you’re in town, don’t miss the haunted bridge in Gettysburg.

Without further ado, here are 11 Gettysburg ghost tours that are sure to make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end. 👀

1. After Dark Investigations

sachs haunted bridge in Gettysburg is a stop on many Gettysburg Ghost Hunts..

Want to take your paranormal experience to the next level?

If the Gettysburg ghost tours listed below don’t seem exciting enough, then take a look at After Dark Investigations, one of the top-rated Gettysburg ghost tours

After 12 years of paranormal investigation in Gettysburg, the After Dark Investigations team has narrowed their tour down to three extremely active paranormal hot spots.

The goal of this Gettysburg ghost tour is not to scare you, but to prove that the afterlife exists. Everything that happens on every investigation is real — and completely unpredictable.

Their Gettysburg ghost hunt involves driving to active locations and communicating with the dead. They provide all of the equipment needed to hear, see, and locate any paranormal activity in each area. 👁

Don’t go ghost hunting without an official tee shirt. “Paranormal Investigator.

This team uses EVP recorders and conducts ghost box sessions so you can communicate with intelligent spirits in real time. You will hear what is captured on the investigation that night.

If you have a loved one that has passed over, the team at After Dark Investigations has had success with contacting customers’ deceased relatives, giving them a chance to say goodbye.



Participants should bring flashlights, recorders and cameras. Participants drive their own vehicles, so pets can stay in the car with prior approval, weather permitting.

Last-minute appointments can be made if space permits. 717-451-1070

Meeting Place: 571 Steinwehr Avenue, Gettysburg. The location is in the back parking lot of Gettysburg Battle Theater (formerly General Pickett’s Buffet). Arrive 10 minutes before the start time of your tour for check-in with the tour guide. Your vehicle is needed to caravan between locations

➡️ What’s Unique About This Gettysburg Ghost Tour

This is a more sophisticated hunt that involves communicating with the dead. Groups are kept small to offer more personalized service.

5 Stars/80 reviews.

Review: “Heard from several soldiers via the spirit box. I was also able to capture an orb and the spirit of the horse that was maimed and needed to be put down on Suicide Bridge. My husband did extremely well with the Dowsing Rods too. Truly awesome experience.”

3 Hours: $50

2. Gettysburg Ghost Hunt Tours With Equipment

On a Gettysburg Ghost Hunt Tour, you will learn all about the region’s Civil War history, and see key landmarks. This after-dark Gettysburg ghost tour is ideal for older children and adults.

This ” old school Ghost Hunt” is preceded by a popular Gettysburg Ghost Walk, highlighting the battle history and tales of specific hauntings along the sidewalks and alleyways of this historic old town.

Includes some uphill and uneven pavement.

No children under 12.

Where To Meet: Unity Park 37 Lefever Street, Gettysburg, (In front of the drummer boy statue). Unity Park is across the street from Mr. G’s Ice Cream, and parking can usually be found across the street at the schools. Check-in begins 10 minutes before start time. Tours proceed rain or shine.

This is a very popular tour with a 4.5 rating of 322 Gettysburg ghost tour reviews.

Review: “The dowsing rods gave us surprising results. Would highly recommend this tour that gives you something extra. Enjoyed the opportunity to do some solo ghost hunting.”

90 minutes: $29.95

A statue of Jennie Wade holding a piece loaf of bread in front of the house where she was killed. The house is now one of the Gettysburg ghost tours that thrills visitors.
Jennie Wade was the only civilian killed in the Battle of Gettysburg. You can take a spooky night tour of her house.

3. Spirits Of Jennie Wade Night Ghost Tour

The Jennie Wade house is a little creepy during the day, so this tour at night will definitely give you goosebumps!

Step back in time to hear tales of the resident spirits, ghostly soldiers, heartbroken women, and a variety of paranormal activity in one of America’s most haunted homes.

This tour is really neat because you enter through the same doorway that a bullet passed on July 3rd 1863, killing young Jennie Wade and making her the only civilian to be killed during the battle of Gettysburg.

You also visit the cellar (where her body laid for two days) during your visit.

Part of the Gettysburg ghost tour, the basement of the Jennie Wade house, where it's set up to look like the body of Jennie lying under sheet.

This Gettysburg ghost tour includes climbing stairs within the home and light walking in the vicinity.

Be sure to bring your camera, as you never know what you may capture!

5 stars/26 reviews

Review:  “I got some pictures with some interesting things in them the most amazing one being what looks like an arm and hand that moved a curtain in the basement.

90 minutes: $14

4. Devil’s Hour Investigation – Small Group

On this Gettysburg ghost hunt, you will explore key areas around Gettysburg after dark—as in MIDNIGHT!

Learn about the area’s history of bloody and macabre happenings, while searching for ghosts at a number of reportedly haunted locations with EMF meters and spirit boxes.

Meeting Place: 571 Steinwehr Avenue, Gettysburg. Location is in the back parking lot of Gettysburg Battle Theater (formerly General Pickett’s Buffet). Arrive 10 minutes before the start time of your tour for check in with the tour guide.

Your vehicle is needed to caravan between locations in this Devil’s Hour Investigation.

5 stars/12 reviews

Review: “Had an awesome Experience. I would recommend this to your friends and bring your mother in law just for fun.”

3 hours: $70

The Maryland Monument on the Gettysburg battlefield shows scary detail on the faces of the Civil War soldiers.
The Maryland Monument on the Gettysburg battlefield shows the emotion of the soldiers.

5. Echoes of War All Ages Ghost Tour

The Echoes of War Gettysburg ghost tour takes you into the heart of the town where two armies clashed in fierce combat.

Some say that the war hasn’t ended for the spirits of the soldiers who died on the streets of Gettysburg.

This is one of the Gettysburg ghost tours that also tells about the citizens who watched in horror as the Battle raged outside their windows, and who cared for — or buried — soldiers.

Meet at Ghost City in downtown Gettysburg, located at 9 Lincoln Square. This Gettysburg ghost tour ends at the Farnsworth House Inn, 401 Baltimore St, Gettysburg.

The Echoes of War tour allows a maximum of 9 unless special arrangements are made.

5 stars/112 reviews

Review: “I really enjoyed the storytelling and I felt like I was in each moment. I would absolutely recommend this tour to anyone fascinated by Gettysburg’s ghosts!”

90 minutes: $24.99

A mannequin with a long gray beard and black cape and hat, holds a fortune-telling ball in haunted Gettsyburg.

6. Blood On The Battlefield Ghost Tour (Ages 16 and up)

The Blood on the Battlefield ghost tour in Gettysburg takes you on a spooky journey to the most haunted locations in Gettysburg.

You’ll visit the locations where ghosts have been seen and paranormal activity is high.

Meet at Ghost City, located at 9 Lincoln Square. This Gettysburg ghost tour ends at the Farnsworth House Inn, 401 Baltimore St, Gettysburg.

This tour allows a maximum of 9 unless special arrangements are made.

5 stars/10 reviews

Review: “[The guide’s] storytelling ability was engaging. He took the time to point out little things that we’d never notice if we were just casually strolling down the street. Such a fun way to learn some history and spend an evening.”

90 minutes: $34.99

7. Mystery!: A Gettysburg Evening Walking Tour

This is one of the newer Gettysburg ghost tours and the focus is more on “mystery” and history, than ghosts.

Your guide may tell you about an unsolved murder, a missing bell, or bodies missing from a cemetery. You will also hear tales of secret meetings and strange circumstances surrounding the burials of civilians and soldiers.

The meeting point is in front of the Gettysburg Hotel, located at 1 Lincoln Square.

5 stars/2 reviews

1 hour: $20

Review: “A lot of history was shared and the mysterious stories were fascinating.

8. Ghosts of the Battlefield Self-Guided Tour

If you want a self-guided ghost tour, the ghost-themed Gettysburg self-guided tour is for you.

This is one of the best Gettysburg ghost tours for people who wish to take their time at each location or don’t want to deal with the ghost tour crowds in town.

This tour is an App for your phone. You will therefore pay once for your entire car, not per person.

Starting Point: Gettysburg Heritage Center, 297 Steinwehr Ave, Gettysburg

➡️ What’s Unique About This Gettysburg Ghost Tour

You can travel at your own pace and explore each site for as long as you want.

4 stars/52 reviews

Covers 10+ miles and takes 2-3 hours.$14.99

Review: “This was an excellent tour. Enough scary stuff for our 20 yo & lots of history for us. It was easy to Follow. We loved the “Learn more” button, too!”

9. Gettysburg Haunted Tour By Bus

The Haunted Tour by Bus is offered in the fall on most Saturdays.

This bus tour takes you past some of the most haunted locations around Gettysburg while telling you some the area’s most chilling haunted tales.

Highlights of this 90-minute tour include a stop at the infamous Sachs Bridge and Gettysburg College. Beware, strange encounters await.

Haunted Bus Tours are offered most Saturdays throughout the summer and fall. Seating is limited and tours do sell out in advance.

Visitors on this tour will depart the bus twice during the tour. There is some walking involved.

Be sure to bring your camera, as you never know what you may capture!

90 minutes: $22.40

BONUS: #10

Mark Nesbitt Ghosts of Gettysburg Candlelight Walking Tour

Mark Nesbitt is the author of the best-selling books Ghosts of Gettysburg and has thoroughly researched all of the stories those books.

He started his Ghosts of Gettysburg Candlelight Walking Tours in 1994, and was the first company in Gettysburg to present evening tours.

Based upon the documented, true stories collected for his books, these are the only tours in Gettysburg sanctioned by the author himself. Nesbitt has also written other ghost books including The Big Book of Haunted Pennsylvania and Stories From America’s Most Haunted Battlefields.

Going Ghost Hunting in Gettysburg? ➡️ Check Out The GHOST HUNTERS FIELD GUIDE!

This Civil War ghost tour shop, located at 271 Baltimore Street, has an extensive gift shop stocked with all kinds of books on ghost hunting and other unique items for ghost hunters.


11. Farnsworth House Inn/Ghost Tours & Historical House Tour

The Farnsworth House is a true historical treasure in Gettysburg. Used as a sharpshooters nest during the Battle of Gettysburg and as a hospital afterward, it now serves as a restaurant, Inn and Gettysburg ghost hunting site.

They have a wide variety of tours and programs, including a “Mourning Theater” that takes place in the cellar of the haunted building. Visitors hear the history of the Farnsworth House and the spirits that remain there today.

Pro Tip: Don’t be spooked by the antique coffin down there!

The Farnsworth House offers visitors the chance to create their own Gettysburg ghost story with their official “Ghost Hunt.” Participants get to participate in a real paranormal investigation and have access to ghost hunting equipment.



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What You Need To Know About Haunted Gettysburg Ghost Tours

Gettysburg is a small southcentral Pennsylvania town of about 7,000 that was the scene of a bloody three-day battle in July of 1863.

The Battle of Gettysburg took place in the farms and fields surrounding the town as well as in the streets and alleyways.

The horrific clash of armies resulted in 51,000 casualties, many of whom succumbed to their injuries in the houses, churches, and barns of local residents.

These days, Gettysburg is a charming historical destination that is home to boutiques, shops, pubs, bars and restaurants — but it’s still THE place to visit for Halloween.

Explore On Your Own. Book One Of These Self-Guided Gettysburg Ghost Tours.

All of the Gettysburg ghost tours have their own unique and varied services, so use this guide to help you figure out which one is best for you, your family, or your group.

If you really want to get spooked this year, make your plans now, because Gettysburg ghost tours fill up fast!



Prepare For Your Gettysburg Ghost Tour

Many of the ghost tours in Gettysburg are walking tours so dress appropriately for the weather conditions.

Yes, they offer them all year long so water and bug spray are recommended in the summer. Warm clothes and walking shoes in the winter.

The sizes of these tours differ, but sometimes it can be hard to hear. Stay as close to your tour guide as you can.

Let’s go ghost hunting!

Planning A Ghost Hunting Trip To Gettysburg?

If you’re planning a visit to Gettysburg, make sure you read about the Gettysburg historical sites no one ever sees.

You also want to make your reservations for your Gettysburg hotel acommodations as early as possible. After visiting the battlefield, don’t miss visiting a few of the numerous museums around Gettysburg.

If you prefer a B&B, then check out the best Bed and Breakfasts in Gettysburg.

If you can, plan your trip when the Daniel Lady Farm is open to the public. It was used as a Civil War hospital and still has blood stains on the floor.



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