My Bucket List

So many places to see. So little time!

I thought I’d better write down the places I want to see and keep a running list. I’ve already been to some of these places, but want to visit again and take photos while they are still there. Our history is being destroyed and desecrated at an alarming rate.

These are a few off the top of my head. I’ll be adding more. Feel free to add suggestions!

  • Charlottesville (revisit some sites that have already been destroyed)
  • Lee’s Mansion/Arlington (revisit)
  • Warrenton Cemetery and Monument (revisit)
  • Richmond (revisit numerous sites that have already been destroyed)
  • West Point
  • Boston
  • Angel Oak in S.C.
  • Francis Marion Grave (S.C.)
  • Hampton (S.C.)
  • Oak Island/Fort Caswell
  • Brunswick Town
  • Mount Vernon at Christmas
  • Deadwood, S.D.


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