Going on vacation can be expensive — gas and hotels alone add up –and that’s not counting museums, souvenirs or the food tab.

If you’re planning to visit Gettysburg, Pa., you’re in luck. The battlefield itself is free (though there are plenty of options for paid tours, from double-decker buses to horseback). But there are also lots of things everyone in the family can enjoy that don’t cost a cent. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Watch the sunset from Little Roundtop.
  2. Climb Longstreet’s, Culp’s Hill or Oak Ridge observation towers.
  3. Visit Sachs Covered Bridge (Haunted).
  4. Explore the rocks at Devil’s Den.
  5. Hike the trail at Big Round Top.
  6. Visit the Peace Light Memorial on Mummasburg Road.
  7. Climb the Castle Monument at Little Round Top.
  8. Visit the Coster Avenue Mural.
  9. Find cannonballs in buildings (There are lots of buildings with cannonballs in them. See how many you can find.)
  10. Visit the Train Station where Lincoln arrived to give his famous Gettysburg Address.
  11. Get your picture taken with President Lincoln on the square or on Baltimore Street.
  12. Visit the Soldiers National Cemetery and Evergreen Cemetery where Jennie Wade and John Burns are buried.
  13. Climb the Pennsylvania Monument.
  14. Find your state’s monument on the battlefield.
  15. Park on Confederate Avenue and take a picture with a cannon.(Copyright 2021 Jessica James)

    eternal peace light memorial

    Eternal Peace Light Memorial

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